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Solal was incorporated in 1987 as a specialized business for the processing of metal sheets, as a reliable supplier for this dedicated market.

The press-bent products and the several processes on metal sheets are used in the building industry as complementary to architectural façades and, in the naval industry, as joints to the hull.

Powered by the technical expertise gained in the shipbuilding industry and in the forefront architectural industry, Solal has widened its own market, proposing itself also in the HoReCa industry for hotel kitchens, restaurants and catering industries. Solal, availing itself of high-technologic machinery and sophisticated design systems, aims to excellence both for product quality and for service offered to its customers.


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Even since the first planning ideas, Solal puts its know-how and the finest resources at the disposal of its Customers in order to optimize and increase the transformation possibility of metal sheets.


This particular versatility allows Solal to create architectural shapes that are able to enhance each realisation, with a significant raising of the aesthetic and without compromising the original functionality principle.


Each and every metal sheet is carefully checked by the operators of Solal prior to being delivered to the Client.